Kellands has announced its arrival in the French market with a superb show debut at the Salon des ETA event in Le Mans where new distribution partner Payen Import successfully showcased the Multidrive M380 with a spreader kit.

The launch attracted hundreds of farmers and contractors from across France and was the culmination of an intensive promotional campaign by Payen to raise awareness of the benefits of the Multidrive’s versatility as a sprayer, spreader, and multi-purpose load carrier.

Payen’s Renaud Mary said the company had received a lot of positive feedback about the machine with visitors praising its all-terrain capabilities, mechanical drive technology, compact design, cab visibility, 50 km/h road speed, and the versatility it offers customers.

He said: “The Multidrive was really popular and its innovative design gained a lot of attention from farmers and contractors visiting the show. It was an ideal event to launch the Multidrive and Agribuggy in France and has helped us raise awareness of the Kellands brand.”

Kellands director of sales and marketing Keith Pashley said he was delighted to have secured a distribution deal with such an experienced sales partner and was excited about new opportunities in one of Europe’s strongest agricultural markets.

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