Kellands is playing an important role in working with the HALO Trust to protect communities in war-ravaged Angola - clearing deadly anti-tank mines and enabling roads and tracks to be opened safely for the first time for decades.

Specially converted ‘bomb-resistant’ Multidrives are supporting the humanitarian efforts - helping crews to safely detect and remove underground explosives left behind from the country’s 27-year civil war.

Equipped with a front-mounted landmine detection system using ground-penetrating radar, the Multidrive is part of a high-tech Mine Stalker system which can pinpoint low-metallic anti-tank and anti-personnel devices.

Designed to enable operators to survive a landmine detonation, the special-build machines take advantage of the Multidrive’s high-clearance and low ground disturbance.

The machine’s 4x4 capabilities and exceptional traction are also essential for successfully navigating Angola’s poorly developed road system.

Kellands director of sales and marketing Keith Pashley said: “The HALO Trust is playing a massive role in protecting communities and safeguarding the lives of ordinary Angolans. We are therefore delighted the organisation is using Multidrive technology to assist such a vital humanitarian project.”

Land mine clearance remains a deadly threat as communities begin to grow and villages expand into zones where mines have not been cleared.

To find out more about the work The HALO Trust does in Angola, please go to:

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